Thursday, 3 February 2011

Laser Printers

Laser Printers are a great choice of office printer for many reasons. A laser printer tends to offer better print speeds compared to inkjet printers, which is great if you are printing large volumes of documents throughout the day. Laser colour printers therefore tend to be cheaper to run as the laser cartridges last longer verses inkjet cartridges. However, depending on which model you choose, laser colour printers offer lower print quality than inkjet printers. So if you are thinking of printing a lot of high-quality documents or photographs it might be worth considering an ink-jet printer instead.

Once you have decided on buying an office laser printer, you need to decide whether you will need a mono laser printer or a colour laser printer. This depends on the workload of your office and the kind of documents you want to print. If you are only printing invoices and text documents, a black and white laser printer might be sufficient for your needs. However, a colour printer can be really handy in lots of situations – from printing of a poster for the office, to preparing a colour report for a meeting.

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