Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Colour Printer

A Colour Printer is a must have for any office. Colour copies of documents are needed where black and white copies simply won’t do – for example in presentations or when printing company literature. Colour printers are fantastic for printing out reports and documents that need colour graphs, pictures or photographs. It is almost certain that your customers or clients will enjoy a presentation much more if they are able to look at high quality colour print outs whilst you are talking. As mentioned before, you could also use your colour laser printer for producing company literature or promotional posters in full colour for maximum impact.

When shopping around for a colour photocopier or printer, it’s important to bear in mind a few simple factors. You should firstly consider how many prints you will need to make each day and the quality you expect from your office printer. If you are looking to make high-quality colour prints, it would be useful to consider an ink-jet printer. Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers but produce a better print quality. Laser printers are much better for offices that require large volumes of documents to be printed as they are much faster.

You might also want to consider purchasing an all in one photocopier, printer and scanner. These all-in-one copiers can help you with a variety of tasks and a great value for money. They are especially useful for businesses with busy offices with a large copying workload.

At Mid Repro we are able to give expert advice when choosing your new colour copier or colour inkjet printer. Just give us a call for more information about buying a photocopier or printer.

Looking for a Colour Printer? We have many models available here at Midrepro. Our base is in Coventry and we help customers throughout the Midlands and beyond. Please call us for more information on 024 7666 6506 or email our sales team at


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