Thursday, 3 February 2011

Document Storage

Are you thinking of updating your Document Storage? Electronic document storage is an important thing to consider for your office. If you want to update your software, now is a great time to invest in document management equipment.

Document management software is now considered a necessity in today’s modern office environment. Offices across the world use this type of software to enable them to store important documents safely and securely. Protecting documents is paramount if you have sensitive information in those documents and it is wise to purchase document storage software that will keep your documents safe. You will receive regular updates for the software so that it is kept secure from hackers or computer viruses. And you can also take regular back-ups to ensure that your data is secure. Depending on which options you choose, you can store the documents on a secure server and choose to take backups on CD or to a hard drive.

If you have recently purchased a new all in one photocopier and scanner, you will be able to hook up this new hardware to this type of software. Doing this can improve your productivity at work because you can scan documents straight to storage and share documents quickly and easily via email.

The types of software available at Midrepro includes: Documine, Spindle Professional and Invu. These pieces of software are popular with small business and large companies alike. The software will integrate perfectly with your Konika Minolta photocopier, printer or scanner.

If you are looking for Document Storage online, visit the Midrepro website. We are a specialist Konika Minolta dealer and we are based in Coventry. For help with selecting a new printer or photocopier, please get in touch. Email our sales team at for more information or please call us on 024 7666 6506.


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