Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Colour Printers

Colour Printers are a great option for the office environment, since they are so versatile. With a colour printer you can produce high quality colour documents that look fantastic, making a colour printer the top choice if you want to print flyers, posters or pictures. These printers also come in handy if you have a presentation or important meeting, as you can hand out high quality charts and graphs in the boardroom.

There are two options for colour printer packages – colour inkjet printers or colour laser printers. Inkjet printers are able to produce higher quality prints, but the cartridges don’t last as long as their laser counterparts. If you have a small office, this type of printer could be right for you, as you will not need to make large volumes of prints. For a larger office, laser printers are better value for money. These printers are able to cope with printing large volumes of documents throughout the day.

Once you have decided between inkjet or laser, you might also want to consider the benefits of getting a photocopier for your office. All in one printers, scanners and photocopiers are a brilliant option if you want a machine that does it all.

We have a large selection of colour printer packages at the MidRepro website, and we are more than happy to give you advice about each model. When you come to us, we are able to provide you with excellent customer service including support packages for all our products. Take a look around our website to find out more about the services that we have to offer.

Have you been searching for Colour Printers online? Come to Midrepro for modern colour printing systems from Konica Minolta. Midrepro is based in Coventry and our sales consultants are able to help customers throughout the Midlands and the rest of the UK. Email us at info@midrepro.co.uk for more information or please call us on 024 7666 6506.


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